Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible

The Lightsphere Collapsible is an invaluable tool for all types of photographers, providing a soft omni-directional light for your indoor photography as well as beautiful fill-light for outdoor portraits.

The new speed strap design allows you to easily and securely mount the Lightsphere to your flash. Once in place, you can rest assured that the Lightsphere® Collapsible™ will stay securely in place, offering an equally tight fit for nearly all flash sizes.

The translucent horizontal rings provide soft, even illumination with a minimum loss of power and it’s collapsible design allows you to fold it flat for easy storage.

Adding the (included) WhiteDome to your Lightsphere will allow you to shoot in situations with a low ceiling where you require less bounce as well as when shooting with the flash pointing directly ahead, you’ll have a beautiful soft shoot through diffuser.

$1,500 MXN 

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  • Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible
  • Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible